Maybe Ten More Summers

None of us are getting any younger, but as you progress through your seventies  you begin to reflect on just how many more years you actually may have left…

TPOTG Getting Older Acknowledgement

Maybe ten more summers, I hope there are more,
But nothing is certain, nothing is sure.
And at the end of those summers, when the lights fade,
Too late then to regret decisions not made.

Maybe ten more summers, so what should I do?
Stick with the old or try something new?
Another adventure, before I’m too old,
Create some new stories, which to friends can be told?

Maybe ten more summers, our lives are so short,
That time passes so quickly is not something we’re taught,
Feels like only yesterday those teenage years,
No old age thoughts then, no nagging fears.

Maybe ten more summers, choices need to be made,
But with age we lose confidence, become more afraid;
And what if that ten becomes twenty, or more?
If only I knew what life had in store.

Maybe ten more summers, is the time now or never
To stop being so wise, to dispense with the clever?
Is it time to be carefree, just live for the day,
Before my summers are all taken away?


TOOTG Copyright 2016-2020 01


I found writing this to be quite time consuming!

TPOTG About Time Frame

Time wraps us all
In its invisible cloak,
You can’t throw it off,
It’s a lifetime’s yoke;
Sometimes a friend,
Other times it’s a foe,
When it moves quickly,
Or when we think it moves slow.
When it works with us
We say time’s on our side,
But when time’s against us
There’s nowhere to hide.

Time rushing by,
Or time dragging on,
And when it gets lost
We ask, where’s the time gone?
When we feel generous
We have time to spare,
But when we’ve no time
There’s nothing to share.
We create time for people,
Or give them no time at all
And when we forget
We ask for time to recall.

When we want to track time
We build a timetable
And we try to save time,
Whenever we’re able.
We claim it can stop
When we say time stood still,
Yet we seek its demise
When we have time to kill.
We say time is short
When we don’t have too long,
And if we’re “doing time”
Then we’ve done something wrong.

By taking less time
We can hasten an endeavor,
But if something is timeless
It just lasts forever.
Time can run through our fingers
Like the dessert sands,
But when it stops flowing
We have time on our hands.
And by asking you to read this
It’s your time I am using;
That cloak that surrounds us
Can be very confusing!

TOOTG Copyright 2016-2020 01