There’s nothing worse than a good old fashioned cold!


You know how it is
When your head’s full of cold,
When you’re aching and miserable
And feeling quite old.
Your sinuses blocked,
Your nose a bright red,
Fighting the urge
To just go to bed;
Taking the tablets
That the wife said you should,
Never really knowing
If they do any good,
Hoping it’ll be gone
In the next day or two,
And hoping like mad
The wife doesn’t catch your cold too!


Situations Vacant – Personal Assistant

You know how it is?  You find the perfect person for a job, devote time and effort on training and development and then one day they just up and go….
Good riddance says my wife! Can’t imagine why….. 

I’ve lost my assistant; I’ve lost my PA,
She said  “I’m quitting! ” and just stormed away.
She was doing so well, there was no need for that tone,
I’d already promised to teach her how to answer the phone.


Then how to file things, apart from her nails,
I was showing her kindness, it never usually fails.
The potential she’d shown was truly immense,
And the training I’d given, personal and intense.

Don’t know why she left, it can’t have been stress,
I even chose and paid for her company dress.
If I see her again I’ll beg her to come back,
She was never in any  danger of getting the sack.

She brightened my day, cheered up the workplace,
She put a big smile on everyone’s face.
An asset no doubt, driving away office blues,
With those glorious long legs and those high heeled shoes.

Now I am lost,
A light has gone out of my life;
And as for an assistant?
Well it’s back to the wife!