Loss of a Loved One

A simple encounter with a stranger who had just lost her husband made me reflect on the impact of losing a precious loved one. Sadly this is something most of us have either gone through or will go through. That does not make it any easier.

When you reach out to touch, there’s nobody there,
When you whisper “I love you”, there’s no one to hear.
Thoughts and concerns now yours alone to keep,
Lying in your empty bed, searching  for sleep.


Friends to support you, sometimes it’s too much,
All you really yearn for is that old loving touch,
And the words  that reassured you everything was all right;
A light’s gone out in your life, now you face the long night.

No discussions on decisons, now it’s only your choice,
What to do next? Oh! how you long for that voice.
On a trip to the shops or a meal out for one
It’s obvious a new chapter in your life has begun.

And yes life must go on, still you can’t help realise
You’re no longer being watched by those old loving eyes;
Going through the motions, one day at a time you take,
Sharing with the empty space your endless heartache.

Don’t be angry with the world for being left out in the cold,
Be grateful for the memories that forever you’ll hold.
Alone, but never alone, over those memories you’ll cry;
Maybe torn apart by death, but your love will never die.


Mother-In-Law’s Annual Visit

Just when I thought it was safe to come out of my garden shed…….!       



The house has now had its final inspection,
Just back from the docs, I’ve had my injection.
So we’re all geared up now for what’s in store,
The annual visit of the mother-in-law!

Three weeks is how long she usually stays;
That’s a very long time, it’s twenty one days!
When each day can seem more like a week;
It’s an awful long time to watch how I speak.

She’s not too bad really, and at ninety years old
It’s amazing how much whiskey she is able to hold;
(And it’s my whiskey she’s drinking, the Famous Grouse,
An appropriate name when she’s in the house!).

She arrives on Monday on a budget airline,
Her broomstick’s been sold, on E-bay, online.
Far too old anyway for that form of travel,
With the wind in her hair, her perm would unravel.

Her room is all ready, the bed has been made,
It hasn’t been used since the last time she stayed;
We left it alone so that the spiders could breed;
Well she frightens me, so I’m returning the deed!

I’ve just painted the cauldron, so now she can brew
Her potions and lotions, her toad and newt stew;
It’s a specialty of hers, of which she is fond;
And that reminds me, I must look for her wand.

I do love her really, she so sweet and so kind,
The best mother-in-law that you’ll ever find;
That is, of course, while she’s a long way away,
It’s a whole different ball game when she comes to stay.


Not long now! I’m having a panic attack;
Need calming down with a good slug of Jack.
There, I can see her now getting off the plane,
Wearing that black pointed hat once again!

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