Township Dog

One of the saddest sights in South African townships are the large number of neglected, hungry and maltreated dogs that roam around. 

TPOTG Township Dog with Frame

I don’t have a name,
No one ever loved me that much,
And from when I was a pup
I’ve known no gentle touch;
You see I’m a township dog
And ever since my arrival
My days have been spent
Fighting just for survival.
No bowls filled with food,
I scavenge scraps instead,
And I sleep where I can,
There’s no comfortable bed.
I’m often unwell,
But there’s no vet to arrange,
I’m covered in fleas
And my coat’s full of mange.
The long winter’s nights,
I find nothing is worse,
Those freezing cold winds
Are this thin dog’s curse.
I keep out of the way,
Or else I get kicked,
And for illegal dog fights
I hope I’m never picked.
At avoiding deadly traffic
I’ve become quite adept,
A parental skill
I’ve thankfully kept.
I don’t know another life,
Being part of a home,
Being loved and cared for,
Not being left just to roam.
As kindness is not something
I’ve ever known,
Then trust is not something
I’ve ever shown.
But who cares about me?
Why should I be saved?
I’m just a township dog,
Alone and afraid.


Diets Can Be Dangerous

Christmas and New Year celebrations have added to the waistline, a fact confirmed by the scales, so it’s diet time, although there are risks associated with that…

TPOTG Shower Waste


And so today my diet begins,
A necessary penance to counter my feeding sins;
Over indulgence, unnecessary eating,
All the wrong foods together competing
To increase my waistline, add a new layer of fat;
Well this diet will wave goodbye to all that.
No more carbs at breakfast, lunch or dinner,
And as the weeks pass I’ll get thinner and thinner,
Until very soon precautions will need to be placed
To ensure I don’t disappear down the shower waste!

What’s A Stoep?

I use this South African word a lot – so just in case you don’t know what it means….


It’s like a porch, or veranda,
Or even a large balcony too,
An outside place to sit,
And take in the view,
It could be in town,
Maybe out on a farm
Either way stoep sitting
Has its own special charm.

A place to chill out,
A place to contemplate,
To drink coffee or tea
And to ponder life’s fate.
It’s a place to drink wine
With friends who have gathered,
Or to sit and snooze
When you just can’t be bothered.

To quietly read a book,
When you’re in the mood,
Or to savour a plate
Of your favourite food.
It’s where gossip is updated
And opinions expressed,
And sunsets are watched
As the day’s put to rest.

It’s where the Stoep Sitting Union
Like to hang out,
Their favourite spot
Of that there’s no doubt!tootg-copyright-2016-2017

Rhyming Recipe #1 Creamed Cabbage And Brussels with Bacon

This is one of my favourites! It’s so easy  to make you really should try it


Take one cabbage that’s white,
Take one cabbage that’s red,
If you can’t get a red one
Use two white ones instead,
Heat some oil and butter
In a fairly large pan,
Finely slice the cabbage,
Be as neat as you can,
Add sliced onions and halved brussels,
Place them into the pot,
Add some diced fried bacon and cream,
Now stir in the lot.
Salt and pepper to season
And some garlic too,
A little mixed herbs,
Now, I think that should do;
Cook on a medium heat,
But don’t overdo it,
Cook cabbage too long
And you can easily stew it,
As soon as it’s cooked
You can serve straight away,
But better still refrigerate,
And serve the next day.