Covid19 Panic – Lockdown – March 2020

With blind panic and hysteria
Perspective gets lost,
As emotions sweep aside reason

We ignore the true cost.

The world is collectively losing its mind,
As fear creates a worldwide alarm,
It’s not the virus, but the hysteria and panic,
That will end up creating real harm.

A world obsessed by a new type of virus,
Desperate to report how many are dead,
But what of the thousands who die each day
From other contagious diseases that spread?

Hysteria leading to political mass panic
Is becoming a global event,
But where is the panic as the poor die?
Why no lock down their deaths to prevent?

What the poor of the world desperately need
Is for the world’s economies to grow,
And that alone will save millions of lives,
There’s clear evidence to prove that is so.

By shutting the world’s economies down
We will end up killing many millions more,
And so when this pandemic is finally over,
Death will still be the norm for the poor.

But, of course, that doesn’t matter to most,
As the poor die in some faraway place.
All rational perspective we’ve chose to abandon,
And let irrational fear takes it’s place.

You’re Watching Sky News


The incredibly poor quality of most mainstream media reporting is both disgraceful and disturbing. An insult to the collective intelligence, they are succeeding in stupefying tens of millions with their daily doses of uninformed, and often dangerous, opinions, masquerading as news. I no longer watch Sky News, their smug arrogance just makes me angry.

It’s 6 o’clock,
Thank you for tuning in,
Our latest session of indoctrination
Is about to begin,
Another dose of propaganda,
Of our opinion and views;
We’re dumbing you down,
You’re watching Sky News.

Each report is a crisis,
It’s just how we present,
If there isn’t any crisis
We’ll find one to invent,
Creating some fear, even a panic,
If that’s what we choose;
We’re dumbing you down,
You’re watching Sky News.

Our team of ultracrepidarians
Are used everywhere,
As a news anchor or correspondent,
We really don’t care,
Finance today, health tomorrow,
So often the plot they will lose;
We’re dumbing you down,
You’re watching Sky News.

Video footage carefully edited,
There’s a narrative to protect,
We’re certain our gullible audience
Just won’t ever suspect;
We know unedited footage
Would only serve to confuse;
We’re dumbing you down,
You’re watching Sky News.

We still can’t accept Brexit,
Or that Trump was elected,
And by that utter climate nonsense
Our whole team is infected,
But after all it’s our choice
If your intelligence we abuse;
We’re dumbing you down,
You’re watching Sky News.  

Our news isn’t fake,
It’s just not always real,
But we hold the moral high ground,
So we can say what we feel,
And as we’re sure critical thinking
Is something our viewers don’t use;
We’ll keep on dumbing them down,
Thanks for watching Sky News!


Apathy – A Story About Today

“Apathy is the glove into which evil slips its hand” 
Bodie Thoene

It’s the story of our apathy,
That I watch unfold,
I’ve written it in rhyme,
That’s how my stories are told;
It’s a story of how
We succumb to pretence,
And how fear and ignorance
Defeats common sense.

TPOTG Apathy Hand 01

A story about how privacy
And freedom of speech,
Will soon be just memories,
Taken out of our reach;
Of how with indifference
We are now so infected,
And of how we’ve become
So politically corrected.

A story of children
Being schooled, not educated,
Caught when they’re young,
Their minds impregnated;
A story of democracy
Brought to its knees,
Being ruled by world bodies,
Governed by appointees.

A story of falsehoods,
By politicians conceived;
Like man-made global warming,
How is that ever believed?
Brainwashed by propaganda,
The lack of understanding shows,
So many now spellbound
By the emperor’s new clothes.

An Orwellian future
Brought on by this apathy;
Our governments not controlled
In the way they should be.
Increasingly we’re indoctrinated
Into a minority’s way of thinking,
The foundations of our culture
Into the mire slowly sinking.

A reflection of our time
Of achievements reversed,
How by our ambivalence
We seemed to be cursed,
Our liberty just grains of sand,
Through careless hands poured,
We’ve abandoned life’s anchors,
So how are we secured?

To many out there
My story just won’t appeal,
Dumbed down and confused,
Can’t tell the false from the real;
But my story’s no fiction,
It grieves me to say,
It’s the story of our apathy,
It’s “A Story About Today”.

TOOTG Copyright 2016-2020 01

Maybe Ten More Summers

None of us are getting any younger, but as you progress through your seventies  you begin to reflect on just how many more years you actually may have left…

TPOTG Getting Older Acknowledgement

Maybe ten more summers, I hope there are more,
But nothing is certain, nothing is sure.
And at the end of those summers, when the lights fade,
Too late then to regret decisions not made.

Maybe ten more summers, so what should I do?
Stick with the old or try something new?
Another adventure, before I’m too old,
Create some new stories, which to friends can be told?

Maybe ten more summers, our lives are so short,
That time passes so quickly is not something we’re taught,
Feels like only yesterday those teenage years,
No old age thoughts then, no nagging fears.

Maybe ten more summers, choices need to be made,
But with age we lose confidence, become more afraid;
And what if that ten becomes twenty, or more?
If only I knew what life had in store.

Maybe ten more summers, is the time now or never
To stop being so wise, to dispense with the clever?
Is it time to be carefree, just live for the day,
Before my summers are all taken away?


TOOTG Copyright 2016-2020 01